Alan Webber was co-founder of Fast Company magazine, which changed everything. He is currently working on Blue Letter, a new project to use social intelligence to change the world's business conversation.

Amit Gupta was co-founder of The Daily Jolt and Managing Editor of When he was ten, he built a working time machine. He is currently working on his next start-up. (

April T. Armstrong is a professional actress, singer and storyteller.  She also writes and directs for the theatre. She is a Teaching Artist and curriculum consultant for Arts-in-Education programs.

Carol Cone has been called the "mother" of cause marketing.  Her first experience with social issues was at Brandeis during the 1970 national student strike.  She sat in but didn't burn any buildings.  She is the founder of Cone, Inc, in Boston (

Chris Meyer is the co-author of the best-seller Blur and the pathbreaking It's Alive, which presents our best understanding of how biological principles apply to management. He has recently become Chief Executive of Monitor Networks, a venture designed to improve the mobility of human capital. (

Daniel H. Pink is the bestselling author of Free Agent Nation and A Whole New Mind.  Earlier in his career he wrote speeches for Al Gore and dug pit latrines in Botswana, though not at the same time.  (

Dave Balter is the founder of BzzAgent and openly admits his addiction to all things Word-of-Mouth.  He is co-author of the upcoming book Grapevine. (

Dean Debiase has Dean DeBiase has run Fortune 500 subsidiaries and several innovative companies, including Autoweb - which he took public and merged with Autobytel, and Imagination Network - which he sold to AOL.  He's the co-founder of Startup Partners and Remakablize, and developing a new book, Reboot Your Organization. ( -

Donna Sturgess is the VP of Innovation at GlaxoSmithKline.  She knows a lot about marketing consumer brands, like toothpaste, and what it takes to bring something great to market. Donna transmits creative energy! (

Guy Kawasaki evangelized the Macintosh into success and is a bestselling author of several books, including The Art of the Start. He's also a successful speaker and venture capitalist. (

Heath Row is Editorial and Community Director for Fast Company. He hopes to meet you some day. (

Jackie Huba is co-author of the bestseller Creating Customer Evangelists. She is a respected speaker and consultant. (

Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder of the Acumen Fund. She is in the vanguard of changing the way we look at helping the developing world become part of the global marketplace. (

Jay Gouliard is Vice President of Packaging Development at General Mills and former Wizard of WOW! at Coca-Cola.  He leads the team that launched a new package format for kids' yogurt - along the way creating a hundred million dollar brand called GoGurt that dominates the category today. (

Julie Anixter was Managing Director of the Tom Peters Company and is now Director of Brand Experience at LAGA, where she consults, writes and speaks about brands, inside and out. She is also the co-founder of  (

Kevin Carroll was an evangelist at Nike and now runs his own consulting firm, The Katalyst Consultancy. Kevin teaches people how to play again. He is the author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, Find and Sustain Your Life's Work. (

Lisa Gansky was co-founder of GNN the first  commercial website. VP of Internet Stuff at AOL, then co-founder of Ofoto. Now, freshly departed Kodak/Ofoto she's focusing on , Get Active Software & Simo Health. Lisa's a self-declared "impact junky’".

Lynn Gordon is the creator of the wildly successful 52® activity decks. She is also an inventor, author, and nonprofit founder. (

Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for the New Yorker and the author of The Tipping Point and Blink. His books have sold far more than a million copies. (

Marc Benioff is the founder of He is well-respected for integrating social responsibility into his company.  (

Marcia Hart is a half-funky and half-corporate architect who matches business plans with space requirements. she and her partner live like shoemaker's children, in a big old brownstone in Baltimore under constant renovation –- with their own hammers! (

Mark Cuban is owner of the NBA Mavericks, founder of (which he sold to Yahoo for billions of dollars), and a successful speaker and TV personality.

Polly LaBarre is a business journalist, explorer and pattern recognizer. She has three questions: What makes the most vital organizations tick? How do the highest-impact people work? And who has the most fun in the process? She was senior editor of Fast Company magazine from the early days and is currently working on a book called Mavericks at Work (forthcoming from William Morrow).

Promise Phelon is leading the movement to eradicate customer abuse. Her firm The Phelon Group helps mega technology companies leverage their customer relationships as assets rather than commodities. (

Randall Rothenberg is the director of intellectual capital at Booz Allen Hamilton. The firm's former chief marketing officer, he is a columnist for Advertising Age magazine, a former media and marketing reporter for The New York Times, and the author of Where the Suckers Moon: The Life and Death of an Advertising Campaign.

Red Maxwell is President of onramp Branding and made the world safe for preppies by starting the advertising design and photography departments at Polo Ralph Lauren. He does his most important work with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (

Robin Williams is one of the bestselling computer book authors ever. The Little Mac Book is widely regarded as the classic of the genre. Her latest book is about Shakespeare's true identity.

Robyn Waters is the person who turned Target Stores into a style mecca. She now runs her own consulting firm. Her new book The Trendmaster's Guide:  Get a Jump on What Your Customer Wants Next comes out this year. (

Seth Godin is the author of seven books that have been bestsellers around the world, including three New York Times bestsellers. He insists that he is naturally bald. (

Tim Manners is the editor of Cool News of the Day, the most influential marketing newsletter online. You really should get a free subscription. (

Tom Kelley is General Manager at IDEO, a red-hot center for design and innovation.  He swore The Art of Innovation would be “absolutely, positively” the only book he'd ever write.  His next one comes out later this year. (

Tom Peters is the bestselling business book author of all time. He has reinvented and reimagined the way we work. Tom is the reason the rest of us get to write. (

William Godin is the President of HARD Manufacturing, the world's largest fabricator of hospital cribs. He is not the founder of this 129 year old company. He has received numerous honors for his work with community organizations in Buffalo, NY. (